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The Photo Booth

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Everyone loves the nostalgia of a vintage photo booth, but sometimes the classics need a little innovation.

TC Photo Booths uses the latest in lighting and digital technology to provide you and your guests with professional quality video and imaging. Every time a guest enters our booth they will not only smile for the camera but also have the option of recording an HD digital message for you! Similar in process to a vintage booth we are fully automated and ready to work at the push of a button; but to insure a smooth and untroubled experience you will always have an professionally dressed attendant on hand making sure every photo is pixel perfect.

At TC Photo Booths we know that each and every one of our clients is unique, so we make it our priority to give you each an individual and customized booth experience. Having a choice of draping and custom backgrounds gives you the opportunity to give your event a modern and stylish approach to a classic element, and though we love our traditions we know it isn’t always a dream fitting fifteen people into a booth; which is why we let you decide. Whether you love the cozy feeling of an enclosed booth or the freedom of fitting a baseball team in a single shot we are equipped to give you that choice.

In addition to our custom booths we offer a range of props and signs to give your photo’s a little flare. Seeing your grandmother in a Viking helmet or CEO wearing a feather boa makes for an unforgettable memory and image.

 TC Photo Booths loves celebrations; we take part in an array of events including weddings, corporate events, birthdays, retirement….if you can think of it we’ve probably been there. At each event every photograph taken is one for the books. Throughout each event our team members are putting together a scrapbook of the festivities. Every time the camera flashes two photo strips are produced one for your guest and one for your scrapbook; and since we love our technology your social media loving guests can get real time downloads right then and there to upload and share. If you’re a little shy we completely understand any online scrapbook can be made private.

TC Photo Booths is a Photo Booth Company. We want our clients to think of us as a portable portrait studio with really great props. A photo booth can really bring together any event and giving you a completely individualized experience is what we do best. So smile, strike a pose, and put on some oversized sunglasses with us at TC Photo Booths!